Enterprise 2.0

It looks like I’ve been a little behind the curve on this “Enterprise 2.0” thing. I thought the term was just something Josh Street had made up as a whimsical way to tie his presentation together. It turns out it’s a term that is not only tossed about in tech discussions – there’s already a Wikipedia entry, a “movement”, and people grumbling about how everyone’s missing the whole point.

Well, I promise from now on to be more on top of things (“Be at the forefront”, after all). I finally got my “unread RSS entries” count down from 2000+ to a mere 50 or so.

I am glad to see that I wasn’t “missing the point” on this, since we have been using a lot of these technologies for some time. My “Architecture 2.0” series will continue (as my adaptation of Enterprise 2.0 to the practice of software architecture), and so will my efforts to find new ways to improve our collaboration and efficiency via tools. Stay tuned!


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