High T: High tech talks with High, T. over high tea

Hi all,

After many years of reading tech blogs on the sidelines, I’ve decided it’s time to start my own. You might say my inspiration came from a bit of blog-envy after attending and speaking at the Dr. Dobb’s Architecture & Design World 2008 conference in Chicago this week. I won’t deny it. But really it came from a creeping realization that there are a lot of projects and ideas that I had left untouched and un-nurtured over the course of the last few years.

To remedy the situation, I’ll be presenting some of these thoughts and ideas in the areas of software development (Java, in particular, but not solely), design and architecture in the hopes that some of you out there will find them interesting enough to start a dialog.

[Ed. note: hate the name of this blog, but I had to pick something to get started, and with a cool last name like “High”, what else could I do? So, until the name changes… would you like one lump or two?]


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